It's All About One Thing . . .

Hiring the right person for the job!

I love front end design and development. I also love to create interactive eBooks and web media.

I find it amazing that some mishmash of text, punctuation and symbols on one side of a website can come together in the most comprehensive way to create something beautiful, useful and functional on the other side.

I look at web media as a vessel that can carry a message throughout the world.

Creating usable, functional websites and web media through research and exploration that addresses the client's needs and goals is what I strive for.

What I Do:

Talented, resourceful designer and front-end developer who can learn to utilize your framework for small to large projects including but not limited to theming, manipulating modules and scoping out projects

Bachelor's Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media combined with equivalent education and/or experience in Graphic Arts.

Experienced in writing Standards-Based, Semantic (X)HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3

Working knowledge of PHP and MySQL

Strong Working knowledge of ePub3 and iBook Author

Ability to leverage Content Management Systems by customizing functionality

Capable of daily maintenance/updates to existing sites

Experience working with third-party APIs

Good understanding of cross-browser issues and their workarounds

Able to work with DOM scripting with JavaScript and various JS libraries like JQuery, etc

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Consistency with and exemplification of Core Values

A team player and open to change with a fun and friendly attitude

Solid Adobe CS3-6 skills

Good understanding of color, space, and typography with an eye for detail

Ability to work/adjust in a crazy fast-paced environment keeping a forward thinking momentum

Passion for leading/inspiring creativity, cooperation and collaboration amongst team members

Problem-solving skills that translate business objectives into interactive application concepts


PDF Resume

MS Word Resume

Plain Text Resume

50% designer + 50% developer = 100% dedicated

I have been designing and developing websites for four years while attending The Art Institute of Las Vegas, working at Questionableand doing several volunteer works.

I have found that I love the developer side of creation as much as I love the designer side.

At Questionable I found a passion for interactive media.

In the ever changing world of interactive media and visual design I have discovered a passion for creating and bringing life to these elements.

I have developed an insatiable desire to grow along with this world around me through continuing education whether inside a classroom or by the things and the people I surround myself with.

Most of all I love GOD who has made all things possible, my husband and my family, without them I would not be who I am today.

Who I am:

  • honest with integrity
  • open to new ideas and concepts
  • productive worker
  • solid work ethic
  • exerts optimal effort to successfully complete tasks
  • problem solver
  • independent worker and team player
  • dependable, responsible contributor
  • knowledge-hungry learner
  • eager to meet challenges
  • loyal & committed
  • highly motivated self-starter who is organized
  • enthusiasm demonstrated through words and actions
  • dedicated, conducting myself with professionalism


"For the short time that I had the pleasure, I knew Gail was a truly dedicated student-someone who wants to learn more than just what the degree was, she wanted to master the art.

Gail showed incredible fortitude, working on extra assignments to reinforce her skills, and always participated strongly in discussions-something that is appreciated both as a teacher and a manager.

I believe Gail's actions as a student are truly indicative of how she would be as a teammate and thus recommend her as a valuable asset to any team."

Mat Rosa - Director, Research & Creative Services at iStreamPlanet Co.